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The Powers That Really Be:

The desire to "Return to the Garden" has been with us from the beginning. A place where all is good and innocent: and no evil exists. Their have been thousands of attempts at building this "Utopia"; but all government that has existed or will exist is composed of three things:

1. A Political Ruler and a Political Government:

2. A Religious Ruler and Organization:

3. A Defining and Underlying Philosophy:

4. Those that Benefit "from the system"

5. Those that don't.


If you read your Bible you will find that, for the most part, the governments first became corrupt and then corrupted the Religious Organizations that fell within their jurisdiction. Man calls this "power consolidation". Satan calls it good. God calls it to repentance.

Most of the Bible is about Prophets called of God (and God Himself) calling for the corrupt religious and political institutions of their day to repentance. Lust-filled despots didn't like anyone getting in the way of their appetites so here is what usually happened:

1. Prophet is called.

2. Appears before corrupt religious and political leadership.

3. Calls them to repentance.

4. Get's killed.

5. Judgements of God follow.

Yep, so there you have it. The sad and sordid history of the world in a nutshell. But, I am leaving out one important point. What does it mean to repent????

Repentance can best be defined as a process whereby man attempts to do his best to conform to an ideal:

To The "Dirt Man": The ideal is 18 year old girls, a mansion, a yacht, and the ability to have whatever you want; whenever you want it. Why??? Because the "Dirt Man" is governed by "lust" and lust is a thirst that only grows more fierce when it is satisfied.

To The "Spiritual Man": The ideal is listening to your "conscience". That is the first step towards the ideal. The "Dirt Man" doesn't like the "Spiritual Man" and they will be enemies forever. So, either we kill the conscience or we will listen to it. This is why corrupt kings and religious leaders kill "The Prophets". they sound to much like that nagging "voice" that keeps telling them "you shouldn't be doing that you know"

Now, obeying your conscience means you will be found fit to live in "real society". Thus, you will find yourself, for the most part, being rejected by the one controlled by the "bodies of dirt". So here is where we all need to start:

1. Worship God (Jesus Christ). Put no other Gods before "Him". Not money, not power, not position, not reputation, not popularity not big homes and nice cars. In essence, you need to start ignoring the "dirt mind" and start listening to the Spiritual One... even when nobody is watching!

2. Love Thy Neighbor: Don't Lie to him. Don't cheat him. Don't sleep with his wife. Don't look at porn. Don't trade in "the wife of your youth" for a newer model (that lust thing again!).

3. In essence, you are not an animal. You are a "piece of God". Animals are governed by "instinct". You cannot be governed by instinct because of your "greater intelligence". In other words, you won't be able to say, "Well, how come you let the monkey do it but not me?" to God.

Its kinda like trying to act like the family dog. "Well, Rex doesn't have to use the bathroom...he gets to go in the back yard. Why can't I?" Rex also gets to be neutered and thinks that "horsemeat" tastes like chicken!"

He doesn't get to drive the family car. He is not allowed to date. No one will serve him at restaurants and he goes to "the Vet" instead of "the Doctor". So don't use the "I'm only a dumb animal routine." Dumb animals will be insulted everywhere.


So, back to "Our Story". People have lust-filled leadership because that is what the majority wants. "Hey, its Party Time!" No responsibility, all the beer, food, chicks and whatever I want FOR FREE! Yeeehaaa! "No, I never had sex with that woman." "I might have had sex with a bunch of other ones, but she turned me down!"

The problem with Lust is it always leads to someone else getting hurt. Sexual infidelity leads to divorce and divorce leads to one parent homes. Kids suffer. Loyal women suffer. And, society has to come up with a bunch of "social programs" where people work for money instead of love. Eventually, that same "lust" filled society must be brought to the dust by justice.

I call this the "Pinochio Syndrome". Pinochio gets to go to "Pleasure Island" where he is permitted to indulge in whatever "lust" he desires. Soon, he and the other boys, start turning into Jackasses and are then sold into slavery.

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